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Two Years Ago Today

One of the main reasons I started blogging was to have a record of John’s entry into this world including:

  • my wife’s initial premature labor (at 26 weeks)
  • her bed rest after the doctors were able to stop here initial premature labor
  • John’s Birth (at 28 weeks), and
  • his stay in the NICU (including his first surgery).

Two years ago today marked the beginning of the first of the milestones above (something I first wrote about last year):

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Training Plan Confessional: Forgive this father for I’ve been lazy…

(Spoiler alert: my penance will hopefully be of a benefit to raising funds for the March for Babies)

Forgive me readers for I’ve been lazy. Its been weeks since I’ve completed a full week’s planned workouts. Unfortunately in some cases getting in one of my workouts has been an accomplishment.

Unfortunately up till this point of my new fitness journey I’ve set a number of unrealistic expectations on myself. Up till this point I’ve treated my fitness goals as a kind of “bolt on accessory” to the rest of my life (an afterthought). As with many afterthoughts it’s that thing you do last if you get to it at all. It’s liking trying to put out a fire using a bucket with a hole in it. As I feel I’ve already set up too convoluted of a metaphor, I’ll leave it at that.

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