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Until I had something to say…

For a number of years I have considered writing my own blog. At various times I thought I had something to contribute to “the series of tubes”. This thought was usually brought on by a temporary surge of ego that was soon squashed by reality:

  1. A realization that I am not the next Jeffrey Zeldman (Web Design / Standards Icon), Lance Armstrong (born on a bicycle) or David Plouffe (political campaign wizard)
  2. Competition with my many hobbies/interests/obligations
  3. While I was more than happy with the sites that I designed for others, I was unsuccessful in designing a site for myself that I thought would do a good job of representing me and my goals.

In short — I didn’t think I had something worth writing, the time to write it, or a venue worthy of presenting it.

In the past year (plus a little bit) I believe I have lived the experiences that are worth reading about, and I’ve resolved to take the time to share them.